Our support

Classic speech ,,something always happens" wouldn't fit anywhere else than in outdoor community. Someone always tries something, goes somewhere or comes back, calls friends together for special event, arranges competitions, meetings, festivals and so on... and of course it needs some material support , which much people are demanded from us, like equipment producer. It is not even one single week without recieving any request this kind of support. We try to kindly respond for all requests, however we are not able to gratify all of them. We have to carefully choose from the big amount of requests. Generally we try to make a sponsorship schedule once a year and for the year in advance. We prefer events, which are interesting for us and perfectly fit to our vision of life.

Then our products have the best opportunity to prove their quality in the different ways of rare conditions and interesting locations.

Appliers who are able to fully make use of the products and appreciate them, can also get some products in a form of prize.

Click here for more about our sponzorship events and partners:

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