10 years guarantee on down sleeping bag

Guarantee period for Warmpeace down sleeping bags is granted for 10 years.


How does it work?

The guarantee for all Warmpeace products as well as for sleeping bags is valid for standard two-years period. This is granted directly by a dealer from which the Warmpeace product has been purchased. The terms and conditions for claiming of this two-years warranty are subject of complaint procedure of the relevant dealer, moreover always accordingly with the Civil Code.

After the statutory warranty period expiry further eight-years guarantee period follows for all down sleeping bags WARMPEACE, granted by the manufacturer (Pavel Habětín s.r.o., IČ 26432315). This is the way how to extend the period when possible problems, defects or imperfections under warranty terms and conditions can be revealed and executed by means of the complaint procedure.

This extended warranty period is only granted for down sleeping bags purchased exclusively via the network of authorized dealers of Warmpeace outdoor equipment. In contrast with the statutory warranty the prolonged one must be raised directly to the manufacturer, address Pavel Habětín s.r.o. (IČ 26432315), establishment Plchovice 14, 56501 Choceň.

Terms and conditions for claiming of the extended warranty:

  • Only the manufacturing defects are considered as relevant reasons to claim during both statutory and additional guarantee period, standard constructional and technical features are excluded.
  • The extended guarantee is valid from the last day of the statutory guarantee and it is ending after ten years from the affected down sleeping bags purchase.
  • The customer is justified to claim if any defects appear during the extended guarantee period; on basis of the faulty product and proof of purchase submitting.
  • With regard to the guarantee periond duration the best solution is to register the new down sleeping bag directly after the purchase in warranty registry 
  • No proof of purchase, evidence of authorized dealer or purchase date is required provided the registered product is subject to claim.
  • Manufacturer will grant to customer the repair or new product in extended guarantee period, based on the particular claim case. Provided the repair is impossible or the identic product is no more availble in the manufacturer product range, the customer receives most similar replacement product of the same value.
  • Financial reimbursement of the purchase price within the extended warranty is not possible.
  • The extended guarantee is worldwide valid.
  • Manufacturer covers the transport costs for returning of claimed or replacement sleeping bags only in case of confirmed claim.
  • The assesment of the claimed down sleeping bag condition is exclusively manufacturer´s matter.

What is excluded from the extended warranty:

  1. Wearing resulting from several-years using, including but not limited to: wearing through the fabric of tunnel for drawstrings, wearing of the drawstrings , material discolouring or fading, filling volume decreasing caused by aging, etc.
  2. Demage caused by improper use and/or storage, including but not limited to: incorrect or insufficient washing/drying (inappropriate detergent or temperature), long-term storage in the compression package, puncture by sharp subjects, burning-out, unzipping of the stuck zipper with excessive force, etc.


How to enforce the 8-years extended guarantee?

Please send an email to centrum@warmpeace.cz. The email should include:

  • First name, surname and telephone contact of the sleeping bag owner
  • Copied (scan or photo) proof of purchase of the down sleeping bag The date of purchase and sleeping bag title must be well legible at the proof /The proof is not required if the sleeping bag has been registered for the 8-years extended guarantee./
  • Claimed sleeping bag demage specification or picture


How to proceed with the registration for 8-years extended guarantee?

  • Please use the warranty registry on Warmpeace website www.warmpeace.com 
  • For successful registration is required the legible copy of proof of purchase (scan or photo), this copy you input into warranty registry. It means that you do not have to retain any proof for the entire guarantee period.
  • You can register for 8-years extended warranty whenever during the 10-years period since your down sleeping bag purchase.



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