Why would we put a hackneyed ‘About Us’ heading on our website, when our work consists of everything else you can read under the other headings. Let us instead take a look at you, the users of outdoor equipment from all kinds of producers and brands on this large market.
We have already known you for 35 years, so we know a thing or two about you. You continuously refine and perfect your requirements and demands, but your basic view of the world has not changed. Your experiences, the places you visit, and the people you spend time with are just as important as they always have been. The fact that the available equipment is better than ever is just a technical detail.
You have always favoured trying and enjoying anything and everything the great outdoors has to offer. From strenuous expeditions to the furthest corners of the world, to a half-day trek around the woods behind your house. And once you have done without the conveniences of ‘civilisation’ and have realised that you can manage quite alright without them, you’ll find there’s no cure for the outdoor bug...

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