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Sleeping bag field test in Finland

In January and February 2019 in finnish Lapland  was runnig the first from large field tests of WARMPEACE sleeping bags. In that time was tested both of our winter bags VIKING 1200 and SOLITAIRE 1000.

A conception of this new filed testing as adding more valuable information about our sleeping bags on side of results from official lab tests EN 13537, whoch is focused to check insulation quality of new dry sleeping bag without sleeping human inside.

Wide practical field test works with other parameters like moisture mannagement, packability and compression ability, loft refreshing after re-packing, etc..

Test is running with five testers (each in different body parameters) with exactly same type of sleeping bag in equal environment, condition and temperature.  Testers are sharing and recording their fillings, opinions and experiences.  Testers are watched during each night by infracamera, recording possible loose of heat on each single user.

Result of field test just describes all about tested parameters. It´s not a bonification or classification, it´s just a describtion, helpfull to every user with choice of right sleeping bag acording to indiviual needs.

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