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Down equipment care and washing instruction

To ensure a long life for your down equipment please follow these care and washing instructions:

  • Before use shake your sleeping bag, jacket or vest and check proper down distribution. Do not store in a stuff sack, Store in a storage sack or hang in a dry place.
  • Compression of down for an extended period of times will decrease down life and efficiency
  • Never use chemicals or strong detergent to wash down equipment. Use mild liquid detergent and only warm water 30°C on wool cycle. (We recommend to use NIKWAX DOWN WASH DIRECT for wash).
  • Use only commercial front loading washing machines or air dry in horizontal position out of direct sunlight.
  • Shake twice a day approx. 4 days to ensure proper down distribution while your down equioment is drying
  • After correct washing you may expect your sleeping bag, down jacket or vest to maintain its original loft and long life

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